Here at Confero we are continually expanding the reach and channels through which we can offer brands and services direct access to their desired target audience, and of course our skill is to brand-match, and find the customers that are most likely to be interested in, and engage with an offer or promotion in any particular sector.

Confero has very recently achieved just that for the new Penguin release of “time twisting, mind bending thrill ride” novel ‘Upper World’ by Femi Fadugba.

Branded chapter samplers were delivered to a young audience of 16 – 25 year olds inside their online order parcels from popular gaming retailer ‘Game Collection’. The mini teaser samplers allowed customers to get a feel of the epic new thriller that is soon to be a major Netflix movie; following main character Esso who discovers he has the ability to see glimpses of the future and becomes haunted by a vision of a bullet fired in an alleyway with devastating consequences.

Confero handled all aspects of the fulfilment of this campaign. The Samplers were delivered with a customer expected online order, and received as a surprise and delight, thus increasing awareness around the novel and forthcoming movie as a memorable and exclusive brand experience that they could physically engage with, in their own time, and in the comfort of their own home!

Planned and Bought by The 7 Stars UK/Kinetic Worldwide.