On Monday 4th January 2021 the UK Government announced new tougher Covid imposed restrictions that will be challenging for many of us. As we face another national lockdown, we want to let you know that we at Confero have continued to improvise and adapt our core proposition in order to overcome the associated advertising and marketing challenges, and to provide a solution that allows brands and services to continue to promote and market their brand messages to audiences in their own homes.
During this extremely challenging commercial and economic lockdown period that we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever for brands to keep front of mind and communicate with their core customers and brand loyal consumers. With the closure of high street shopping stores and non-essential retail, low pedestrian footfall etc, many brands are struggling to reach consumers through traditional brand sampling, marketing and out-of-home advertising channels.
At Confero we look to focus on the solution rather than the problem. Our refined online sampling concept allows brands and services the opportunity to sample their products, promotional offers and where appropriate, include digital consumer engaging competitions to customers in their own homes. 
Marketing messages are distributed directly to homes in the parcel deliveries of customers making online purchases through their favourite retailers. This allows brands to ‘surprise and delight’ consumers, and reach stay at home audience’s in a positive, uplifting and effective way.
Confero can accept artwork from most traditional media and marketing formats, and adapt to an A5 or A6 Poster in a Parcel/Postcard/PromoCard and distribute with, or without, an actual product sample. Copy can be either Portrait or Landscape and can be double-sided to optimise the space available and used for a variety of brand messaging purposes.
We handle all print and production requirements and the Poster in a Parcel/Postcard/PromoCard/Coupon insertions are produced from fully sustainable paper stocks through a reduced carbon printer with FSC accreditation. We use virtually zero chemistry, vegan inks, green energy, and the greenest printing plates on the market so we are good to the environment as well. 
For more information on reaching consumer audiences at home please call 0203 507 1850 or visit our website www.conferomarketing.com