At Confero Marketing Limited we are extremely proud of our sustainable print facility and eco-friendly production ethos. We love to see it made more prevalent by our brand advertiser Clients.

We are currently running a Promo Card campaign for Edgewell Personal Care brand Wilkinson Sword and their new ‘Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco-Green’ disposable razor. The 400,000 Promo Cards which carry a generous 30% Off Discount are being distributed with purchase to customers shopping online across a range of online retailer networks.

The Promo Cards are printed on  certified 100% recycled paper and produced using green energy. Our print partner uses 100% renewable energy, and even installed low energy lighting throughout their premises to help lower their own energy consumption. By using sustainable power there is less harm to the environment and Wilkinson Sword has managed to carry out a major promotional marketing campaign with a virtually zero carbon footprint.

The Wilkinson Sword ‘Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco-Green’ disposable razor, which is of course recyclable… is made with 95% recycled plastic and packaged in over 90% recycled paper. #ecofriendlybusiness #confero #sustainableprinting #onlinesampling #wilkinsonsword

Printed using green energyPrinted on recycled paper