If you are a Publisher about to release a new book, how do you get a teaser sample of the story to whet the appetite of a pre-selected target readership audience – with no wastage?

One solution might be to book an Online Chapter Sampler Distribution campaign through Confero Marketing Confero is currently doing exactly that on behalf Penguin Random House for the launch of Waterstones’ Thriller Book of the Month ‘Big Sky’ by Kate Atkinson.

The novel follows the highly anticipated return of Jackson Brodie, ex-military, ex-Cambridge Constabulary, now private investigator, ‘a hero for men and women alike’.

Chapter sampling with online purchase through the UK’s top fashion retailers is the perfect way to share exclusive teasers with a known and defined pre-selected audience. Research shows that by simply encouraging consumers to try your product is the most effective way to see if they like the product enough to buy it at full retail price.

25,000 individual chapter samplers of ‘Big Sky’ are currently being distributed directly to customers making online purchases through their favourite fashion retailers. The samplers are received by customers in their own homes, or at their workplace which often acts as a conversation starter, and enhanced brand or product awareness.

For further information on Confero’s targeted and controlled product sampling initiatives please contact info@conferomarketing.com or call 0203 507 1850.