Marketing to Students

Zenith and Meridian Outdoor has planned and bought a fitting room poster campaign for The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest to advertise their 1/3 off coach travel when you open up a RBS Student Current Account. In order to reach the correct audience of current and potential university students we proposed Topman and Burton which target, 16-34 ABC1 and 18-44 ABC1 males, respectively.

As well as Outfit fashion, with both male and female consumers aged 18-54, and Miss Selfridge, who targets 16-30 ABC1 women. The RBS campaign went live across all Scotland stores in these retailers on the 31st July and is running until the 14th August, with the NatWest campaign following from the 14th- 27th of August in all the above stores in England and Wales.

The RBS and NatWest campaigns consist of a collection of unique A3 fitting room posters, that all deliver gender specific targeting in an intimate environment, with dwell times of 5 to 15 minutes so plenty of time for consumers to read and engage with the poster message.

At this time of year, it’s also a great way for RBS and NatWest to reach Students, young people and Fresher’s in the buildup to the new University semester, within an aspirational environment whilst shopping in their favorite fashion store.