Beiersdorf UK company ‘Nivea’ provided Confero with a brief to distribute 300,000 samples of the NEW Urban Skin Defence and Urban Detox Mask to their target audience of Females 18-34.  Four of Confero’s retailers where selected for this campaign including Warehouse, Oasis, Miss Selfridge and Outfit. All stores distributed 300,000 samples in-store and online with all purchases.

Throughout the campaign period all retailers offered an estimated two-week 40 million footfall, giving the brand strong exposure to their target audience. All retailers are also in close proximity to stores and major multiples where customers can buy the full size Nivea Urban Skin products after trying out a sample for free.

This campaign successfully created the perfect synergy between brand, consumer and retailer. Nivea was able to reach customers while in a receptive mindset, shopping or receiving their new clothes. The Win for our retailer partners is the creation of a memorable experience for their customer as well as benefiting from the ‘halo effect’ of social media sharing, whilst generating advertising revenue.

Campaign planned and bought by Wavemaker and Kinetic.