L’Oreal Pure Clay

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Project Description

Retailer Networks: Missguided and ASOS
Format(s): Online Product Sampling.

L’Oréal provided Confero with a brief to distribute 200,000 Samples of their Pure Clay face mask. To reach their desired target audience of females ages 18-34 we proposed online sampling with ASOS and Missguided.

A sample of the pure clay mask was distributed with online orders. The free sample allowed customers to try L’Oréal’s new pure clay mask before buying a full size item.

This campaign was planned and bought by Maxus and ran from the 17th July to the 31st July 2017.Confero Marketing introduced the ‘Online Product Sampling’ concept in 2005, and helped to revolutionise the way major Brands can trial products by delivering product samples directly to their pre-selected target consumers, and desired demographic profile.

This targeted concept creates the perfect synergy between Brand, Consumer and Retailer. Category exclusive product sample trial reaches the desired end user/ target audience at home, or at work with their fashion item delivery.Customers are in a receptive frame of mind, and free from the distractions associated with random street sampling. Research proves that sample retention and usage is significantly higher than other forms of sampling initiatives.

Recipients also spontaneously photograph and share their experience on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram generating earned media and extended Brand conversation.

The Win for our online fashion retailer partners is the creation of a memorable experience for their customer, and benefiting from the ‘halo effect’ of social media sharing, whilst generating advertising revenue.

The Win for consumers is the pleasure of receiving an online purchase which is enhanced when it is accompanied by a perceived brand gift that is highly relevant to them, and, of course free!

The Confero ‘Online Product Sampling’ concept is a cost-effective way of reaching and engaging with the right people, driving consumer behaviour and, ultimately, brand loyalty, as seen from the L’orealcampaign shown here.