In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent Stay at Home measures introduced by the UK Government, Confero Marketing has developed a concept which could provide brands and services a viable solution to fashion stores closing their doors, and the cessation of non-essential high street trading.

With out of home footfall and traffic due to be severely impacted, and the opportunity to see traditional outdoor poster sites limited, we have developed a concept titled ‘Poster in a Parcel’ which allows brands and services to continue to achieve brand awareness , promote offers, sample products and communicate directly with their desired target audience, and reach them directly in their own homes.

Confero can take artwork from most traditional media and marketing advertisement formats, and adapt to an A5 or A6 ‘Poster in a Parcel’ which is distributed with online purchases through a range of online fashion retailer networks. Copy can be either Portrait or Landscape and can be double-sided to optimise the space available and used for a variety of brand messaging purposes.

Confero handles all print and production requirements and the ‘Poster in a Parcel’ insertions are produced from fully sustainable paper stocks through a reduced carbon printer with FSC accreditation. We use virtually zero chemistry, vegan inks, green energy, and the greenest printing plates on the market.

The ‘Poster in a Parcel’ is included in the shoppers online order as a single category exclusive insertion ensuring 100% share of voice. For further information please contact or call 0203 507 1850.