Confero has been one of the UK’s leading sampling agencies for over a decade, and it’s fair to say that the range of sampling opportunities, and in particular the sampled brand connection and ability to engage with consumers on a personal and some might say, an emotional level has evolved to an all-time high.

The accepted ‘surprise and delight’ marketing manta has been very popular over recent years, and let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to be pleasantly surprised!? Our experience of working with high profile retailer networks shows that when an unexpected treat turns up inside an online parcel delivery consumers do show some appreciation towards the company that sent it. In fact, it’s a win-win as we often see consumers taking to social media to share photos of the sample and tagging the retailer they have shopped with, and the sampled brand.

A good deal of the campaigns facilitated by Confero also include an accompanying educative leaflet and/or offer led coupon leading to consumers taking some kind of call to action. After all, the best way to get consumers to buy your product, particularly if it’s a new product development or variant is to get the defined target audience to try it. These initiatives can help foster brand awareness and loyalty, and often encourages consumers to tell friends through word-of-mouth, or via social media.

Sampling through Confero’s online retailer networks and product despatch means that the consumer receives the sample at home so retention and ultimately usage % is a lot higher.

There is no question that GDPR regulations have impacted on the amount of consumer feedback, but if a sampling campaign is complemented with a consumer facing competition hosted on social media (usually Instagram) or tied-in with a retailer’s customer rewards programme the exponential growth is tremendous. Confero recently organised an integrated campaign with product samples, promotional inserts and a retailer hosted social media competition with a ‘tag a friend’ and leave a comment entry mechanic and saw 9,000 entries within an hour of the competition going live. It works!

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