Here at Confero Marketing Limited we are delighted to be playing an integral role in the promotion of a novel that has been described as the most recommended debut of 2021 – Publisher Simon and Schuster’s release of ‘Space Hopper’ by Helen Fisher. ‘Space Hopper’ is a story about taking a leap of faith, and believing the unbelieveable.

Confero has facilitated an online sampling campaign which includes the distribution of 60,000 eye-catching branded bookmarks directly to customers making online purchases through family retailer Boden – the brand where style meets joy (with a dash of Britishness thrown in for good measure).

The 60,000 bookmarks produced by Confero’s eco-friendly sustainable print partner carries a QR code which customers can scan to download an electronic Chapter Sampler which also reduces the carbon footprint of the Publisher having to produce hard copy paper samplers.

We don’t actually think people will be recycling the bookmarks anyway – the vast majority of people will retain them for personal use and therefore have a lasting reminder of ‘Space Hopper’ by Helen Fisher!

Planned and Bought by ‘Behavioural Planning Agency’ Total Media.