Here at Confero we can enhance any product sampling or fitting room poster campaign by facilitating and integrating consumer engaging Social Media competitions with many of our fashion retailer partners. All competitions offer consumers the chance to win a variety of prizes, from winning a new wardrobe, game consoles, spa and experience days to copies of new book releases.

Each campaign can include a personalised integrated consumer facing competition alongside other campaign elements to exponentially boost engagement and brand awareness. With a simple call to action to enter competitions across a variety of our retailer owned platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; it’s the perfect way to generate brand growth and consumer engagement.

Consumer facing competitions are a cost-effective way of reaching and engaging with the right people at that opportune moment, driving consumer behaviour and ultimately, extending the overall reach of a multi-format campaign… It’s a Win-Win!

Confero Marketing is the Promoter and provide all relevant Terms and Conditions as required.